Founded in 1906, AJC seeks to protect the rights of Jews throughout the world; combats anti-Semitism and bigotry; works for the security of Israel; enhances human rights, democratic principles and intergroup understanding; and promotes the creative vitality of the Jewish people.

The Chicago Regional Office seeks to enact AJC's mission on a local level by advocating AJC's public policy agenda, building ties to the area's diverse racial, ethnic and religious communities, working with the Foreign Consular Corps and elected officials, and fostering Jewish unity.

The Chicago Regional Office, chartered in 1944, is one of 25 regional offices nationwide. Our innovative programs are steeped in both the principles of American democracy and the traditions and values of Jewish teachings. Our deliberations consistently influence the agenda for the American Jewish community.

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Yazidi Genocide Should Be More Than a Label

Bob SilvermanThat existing capability to take action has not been utilized signals a failure by the political leadership of both parties. Rhetorical declaration of genocide must be followed by specific, effective actions.

A Mideast Rift on Campus

Daniel ElbaumActivists on American campuses do the Palestinians no favors when they refuse to recognize Israel?s right to exist. Yet that?s the essence of Students for Justice in Palestine.

Refugees and Anti-Semitism

SIMONE RODAN-BENZAQUENAs long as basic introductory language and integration courses are operating, we can teach migrants about democratic values ??and educate them about Jewish life and the importance of Israel for Germany.

What Pope Francis' Visit to Auschwitz Means to the Jews

There are three major stations on the papal itinerary of Catholic-Jewish reconciliation today? they are the Great Synagogue in Rome, the state of Israel and Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland.

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  • August 29, 2016 at 6pm
  • Documentary Screening with Mexican ConsulateJoin AJC Chicago and the Mexican Consulate for a screening of "Heaven in Auschwitz" followed by a discussion with the documentary's producers. Please contact Sarah Van Loon at or 312.646.6124 for more information or to register.
  • September 21, 2016 at 12pm
  • Come hear Middle East expert Andrew Apostolou at AJC’s Marshall Society Luncheon. Andrew has previously provided political advice and strategic communications for bilateral, regional, multilateral, and international diplomacy for leading Middle Eastern political figures of Presidential, Prime Ministerial, Foreign Ministerial, and Ambassadorial level. Downtown location. For more information please contact Sarah van Loon at
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